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ARICI MAKINA TIC. LTD. STI. Our Products HFM 5000 Hamburger Forming Machine Turkey, Turkish HFM 5000 Hamburger Forming Machine Manufacturer by ARICI MAKINA TIC. LTD. STI..
HFM 5000 Hamburger Forming Machine
Ürün Hakkında ● Machine is working in sync with Automatic Filling machine • Can be produced desired shape by means of easy changeable mold system ● Hygienic. ● Extremely easy and simple to clean. ● Wholly conforms to CE directives. ● Very easy and simple to use. ● Can be combned Automatick or Hidrautic fillig .mechine . ● Capacity : Capable of 60 beats per minute. Hamburger Meat (98 mm diameter, 5 Pieces) - 18,000 pcs / hour