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ARICI MAKINA TIC. LTD. STI. Our Products ODM 1000/2000 AUTOMATİC FILLER  Turkey, Turkish  ODM 1000/2000 AUTOMATİC FILLER  Manufacturer by ARICI MAKINA TIC. LTD. STI..
Ürün Hakkında Used in sausage, spiced sausage and salami production. Capable of filling at the desired weight and automatically. Equipped with a pallet system comprising of 6 pallets. ODM 1000 – 2000 is equipped 300 kgs capacity of Hopper. Scraper is founded on Hopper to increase the flowing of product. Scraper can be demontage quickly to clean the hooper easily. Automatic Filling Machine we produce the movement of Hopper is transfered to Rotor by special gear. Product can be flow from Hooper to Rotor easily by means of vacuum. Vacuum features that the product can be fill to the casing freely. During filling process, to eliminate the air inside of Rotor is very considerable. The product can not reach to the Vacuum Pump by force of Filters. ● Capable of operating serially with automatic clips thanks to the communication link. ● With lift ● Produces sausage portions rapidly thanks to the sausage apparatus. ● Capacity of 250 lt. of meat. ● With safety switch. ● Entirely made up of 304 quality stainless metal ● Hygienic. ● Extremely easy and simple to clean. ● Wholly conforms to CE directives. ● Very easy and simple to use. ● Equipped servo motor. TECHNICAL