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EFESSA Ltd.Sti. Machinery sales, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, technical service and consultancy services to Project by giving priority to customer satisfaction is always realized. Followed closely by developing technology and automation systems,the need of customers for services that aims to provide the most accurate and as soon as possible. EFESSA with customer-focused approach and discipline gained a place in the industry as soon as possible,and every day has become a sought-after partner. International agreements made by EFESSA,thanks to the need of customers with the advantage of providing all the necessary equipment from one supplier,a private consulting and project support.EFESSA machine 1500 m2 closed area was astablished in 2008 and has been producing Bandirma.EFESSA Machine,institutional structure and is proud to serve you with experienced technical staff. Food processing machinery Weighing,labeling and packaging robotics Skinning machines Chops machines Grams and sizing machines X-ray systems Metal detectors Clips machines Tray Sealers and packaging machines Strech wrapping machines Bacon and sausage lines Conveyors,conveyor equipment Buggies Baxx Industrial washing machines
Established in 1997, our company has started to offer products and services to its customers by working together with many global companies in Turkey in consumer electronics sector. Having proven itself in water heaters until 2001, our company, which targets innovation and non-stop production, today has produced hundreds of new projects and productions. Royal family, with its increasing number of employees and engineers and experience production staff within itself, has developed new product projects and today, it has become an international global company in the field of personal care, kitchen group and water heaters. Today; it produces many products such as electric water heater, hair drier, hair straighteners, hair curlers, shredder group, rondo, meat mincing machines, toaster machines, mixer group, electric coffee pot groups, kettle groups, tea machines and hand blender sets. The most important principle of our reputable company is producing high quality, long lasting, aesthetic and economical products for our customers. Our company is a follower and practitioner of all kinds of developing and renewing materials in the sector. Our goal is to develop new projects in line with our customers' demands and to pass on their dreams with their R&D studies with understanding of competitive price and high quality. To provide a better service for our partners and customers, intercorporate applications are planned in an observable and measurable way. It has done and does studies to make the quality a lifestyle, to adopt and feel the quality philosophy to all of its employees.
The Law No. 4703 issued on January 2002 for the adaptation process to the European Union regulations, is now published under the title of European Union 23 new approaches directives '' regulations'' and put in force. By January 01, 2003, the CE mark became compulsory for the products under the scope of the LVD and EMC directives. In this direction, Ari Makina who has realized the rapid adaptation of all the standards that must be arranged and adapted in the process of the integration the European Union, maintains providing high quality products in compliance with the CE directives with its CE certified machines in the world markets. Ari Makina initiates the manufacturing process upon the results of long R&D studies of which the projects were performed by its engineers of all its manufactured machines. In addition to the production of the meat treatment machines, Ari Makina is representing the proved European brands in Turkey and Middle East territories. Thus, in principle Ari Makina, has accepted to have a product range fulfilling all the requirements of the related consumer segment by arranging its product range at top level. Ari Makina is among a few named certain brands of the world with its characteristic of providing solutions to the consumers with all the production equipments that the meat treatment and integrated meat facilities may need. With this characteristic, deservedly, it is the biggest manufacturer of the meat treatment machines in Turkey.